PlayStation 5 Logo Revealed, Impressive PS4 and PSVR Sales Numbers Updated

Nathan Birch
PlayStation 5

PlayStation fans were on the edge of their seats heading into CES 2020, as Sony had promised to reveal their “unique vision of the future” at the show. Was Sony hinting there were about to unveil the PlayStation 5? Sadly not. Sony did touch on gaming during their CES 2020 presser, but they didn’t show off their new PlayStation hardware. What they did show was the new PS5 logo, which is... about what you’d expect. Nevertheless, you can check it out below.

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So yeah, nothing terribly surprising, but hey, why mess with a good thing? Also, I do like how the PS5 logo kind of mirrors PS2 logo.

In other PlayStation news, Sony also provided updated sales figures – the PS4 has now sold 106 million units. Last time we received an update (which covered up until September 31, 2019) the PS4 had sold 102.8 million units. So, in other words, the PS4 sold around 3 million additional units this past holiday season. Not exactly record-setting, but not that bad for a six-year-old console.

On the software front, 1.15 billion PlayStation 4 games have been sold. 38.8 million people are signed up for PlayStation Plus and, overall, the PS4 has 103 million active monthly users. So, in other words, pretty much everyone that has purchased a PS4 is still regularly playing it. Meanwhile, 5 million PlayStation VR units have now been sold – not exactly PS4 numbers, but still enough to make the PSVR by far the most successful VR headset. Whether Sony’s investment in PSVR has been worth it remains an open question.

So yeah, the PlayStation brand is doing great, but Sony is being a bit cagey about what comes next. They promise they’ll have “much more to share about PlayStation 5 in the months ahead.” What do you think? When will that big PS5 reveal finally come?

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