Sony Promises to Unveil “Unique Vision of the Future” at CES 2020, Stoking PS5 Excitement


When is Sony finally going to pull the curtain back on the PlayStation 5? Microsoft surprised everybody by unveiling the Xbox Series X at The Game Awards 2019, so it seems likely Sony is planning to follow suit without too much delay. I definitely don’t see Sony waiting until E3 2020 and giving the Xbox Series X six months of free, uncontested time in the spotlight.

Well, it sounds like we might be learning more about the PS5 as early as next week. CES 2020 kicks off next week, and Sony will have a serious presence at the event, holding a full press conference which will be streamed to the masses online. The company is remaining quiet about what exactly they plan to discuss at CES 2020, but they have released this short, yet intriguing, blurb

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The future is coming. At CES 2020 Sony is unveiling a unique vision of the future, bringing creativity and technology together like never before, to unleash new sensations and emotion.

Hmmm! A “unique vision of the future,” huh? That certainly sounds like a tease for new PS5 details, doesn’t it? I mean, what else could Sony be talking about? I suppose they could reveal an updated PSVR headset or perhaps new 8K TV technology, but I doubt they’d be talking about those things in such grandiose terms.

Well, we won’t have to wait long to find out more about Sony’s unique vision of the future. The Sony CES 2020 Press Conference kicks off on January 6 at 5pm PT. Of course, we here at Wccftech will be keeping an eye on the event and bringing you all the big news.

What do you expect from Sony’s CES 2020 Press Conference? Will we be getting the big PlayStation 5 reveal? Or will Sony swerve us and announce a new Walkman or something?

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