PlayStation 5 Reportedly Ahead Of Xbox Scarlett In Terms Of Game Performance


The Playstation 5 and Xbox Scarlett are still in the works, with many details still to be finalized. Developers have received development kits for a good while, and it seems like the Sony console is currently ahead in terms of fame performance.

ResetEra forums member Kleegamefan, who has been revealing interesting stuff regarding the next-gen consoles these past few weeks, recently revealed that the PlayStation 5 is ahead of Xbox Scarlett in terms of game performance. He also notes how this could have to do with the fact that the PlayStation 5 development hardware and software are in a more advanced state. The same user later confirmed that this based on devkit performance.

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Right now, game performance is better on PS5. I believe that is probably because PS5 development hardware and software are in a more advanced state. I fully expect Scarlett to close that gap once they ship more mature dev kits and software.

It must be said, since software, not hardware, is a traditional Microsoft area of expertise, it's very possible that they could ultimately deliver more advanced DirectX development software, in the end, allowing games to run better on Scarlett even if the hardware is less capable.

Console specs are likely finalized at this point so it will be interesting to see if the gap will be reduced. If it will be, it will likely be thanks to software, as Kleegamefan himself noted.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett consoles will be released next year worldwide. We will keep you updated on them as soon as more come in, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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