PlayStation 4 Becomes Most Selling Console Of 2013 In UK Outselling Xbox One By 166,000

The next-gen consoles have broken many sales records since their launch in November 2013. Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are neck to neck in the next-gen battle, with each console having more than 2 million units sold. However, Sony is a step ahead in this battle of next-gen console. PlayStation 4 is fairly doing better than the Xbox One in markets, Sony's latest console is better in certain aspects and so it is getting higher customer's attention.

PlayStation 4 Outsells Xbox One By 166,000 Consoles - Becomes The Most Selling Next-Gen Console In UK

According to MCVUK, both the next-gen consoles have broken the previous consoles' sales record in the UK. Both the latest consoles made heavy sales but PlayStation 4 has become the most selling console of 2013 in UK, leaving Xbox One significantly behind. In five weeks after the launch of the console, retailers have sold 530,000 PlayStation 4 units while the number of Xbox One units sold is 364,000. The gap between the UK sales of the two consoles is considerably long. Although, both consoles have outsold any previous console launch.

PlayStation 4 console sales in the UK gaming market generated £181.8m, while Xbox One sales gathered £144.5m. The UK gaming market made a sum of about £326m from the sales of both next-gen consoles.
Kim Bayley, the director general of Entertainment Retailers Associated, made the following statement regarding the sales of Microsoft and Sony's latest consoles.

“Games continues to deliver digital sales strongly, but it was disappointing that Xbox One and PS4 came so late in 2013 and then huge demand meant stock sold out quickly. Retailers will be working hard in 2014 to maintain the sales momentum of these two great new pieces of kit.”

This sales data of next-gen consoles also matches up with the sales estimations of many analysts, who see PlayStation 4 as the market leader in this new generation of consoles. Sony's console is estimated to outsell Microsoft's Xbox One and Nintendo's Wii U by 2016 and become most selling console of the eighth generation gaming. However estimations could not be taken as reality. Many analysts thought the same for PlayStation 3 back in 2007 but the console stayed below Microsoft's Xbox 360.

For now, Sony's PlayStation 4 is dominating the market with higher number of sales, with it being the most selling console in UK market. People are reporting that the Xbox One is still shipping with several hardware faults and so great number of Xbox users are turning over to PlayStation 4. The sales figures of the next-gen consoles in markets of other countries is yet to be announced.

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