You Can Now Play ‘Super Mario Run’ in Apple Stores Starting Today

Uzair Ghani
Super Mario Run

Starting today, you will be able to play a demo version of Super Mario Run on iOS devices in Apple Stores around the world.

Super Mario Run Releases Worldwide on December 15th - Demo Playable Today at Apple Stores

Super Mario Run will be an iOS exclusive that will see worldwide release on December 15th. But that date is very far away, especially if you are not fond of waiting for things. Did you know you can play the game today? You absolutely can, if you are willing to take a walk to your closest Apple Store, where a demo version of Super Mario Run is being showcased.

The announcement was made on the Jimmy Fallon Show, and a playable version of the Nintendo Switch was also shown off.

If you want to experience Super Mario Run right away, then you know what to do.

While Super Mario Run is great news for those in the ownership of an iOS device, but the price of the game might be a little too steep for some. In order to download the game, you don't have to spend a dime. In fact, you can try out the different game modes for free. But if you are willing to take things further, then you have to spend $9.99 as in-purchase to unlock everything. For true fans, that price might not be that high. But for casual gamers, it might be close to highway robbery.

Nonetheless, the game launches on December 15th, and we will recommend marking your calendar beforehand. And we will, as usual, bring you all the updates regarding the game once it goes live on the aforementioned date. We will be here with download links, tips, tricks, and everything you need in hand to get up to speed with the title. Till that happens though, take a walk to your nearest Apple Store and experience the upcoming phenomenon first-hand.

Wrap Up

Nintendo's dive into the world of mobile gaming is a wonderful move. Super Mario Run is just the beginning of things to come and we are expecting a lot of classics to make their debut across the board. But it remains to be seen if the company will keep on throwing out exclusives or cater to every mobile platform out there. After all, I'm pretty certain Android users are looking at this release with utter envy. There is a possibility Super Mario Run will see itself reach other platforms as well. But that's just pure speculation.

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