Here’s How To Play The Hidden Chess Game In Facebook Messenger On iPhone


Facebook Messenger is one of the most used apps on a smartphone. It's a great medium to stay in touch with friends or relatives. Did you know that Facebook Messenger has been living a secret that not many people know of? You can play a built-in chess game that does not require an app extension or any additional app of the sort. The game is available in the Messenger app on your iPhone, iPad and even your browser.

Here's What You Need To Know About The Game To Play It

It's great that Facebook has a built-in chess game in its Messenger, but its a little tricky how you play it. However, it's not that hard to get once you've mastered names of all the pieces. Moreover, we're here to let you know how you can play chess on Facebook Messenger. So let's get to work.

To start a game of chess in Facebook Messenger, simply enter the command @fbchess play. If you want to start a game with someone specific, then you must type the same command followed by the name of the person, such as @fbchess play Ali. This will begin the chess game in the messenger with you and your friend (opponent). The colors of each side will be chosen at random and your friend will be the first one to go. All these conditions are present by default, so you cannot change them.

To move your specific piece, always use the command @fbchess followed by the letters to denote your piece and after that mention the position where you want your piece to go. For Instance: @fbchess Pd4. The P here stands for pawn while the d4 means the position. There are specific letter that denotes each piece in the game. Example: K can be used to move the king, Q to move the queen, N to move the Knight, B to move bishop and R can be used to move the rook.

Do take note that the pieces are denoted by capital letters. By chance if you forget any name of the piece or how they are denoted, you can always use the command @fbchess help for assistance. It also gives you other options such as resigning from the game or checking the stats. If you wish to see the bigger view, just click on 'See Full Conversation'.

It's a pretty amazing secret game that the Messenger has been hiding for quite a while. This is it for now, folks. Do give this game a whirl and let us know in the comments how did you like it.