Pixel Buds Real-Time Translations Rolling Out to All Google Assistant Headphones

When they were first announced, the Google Pixel buds were touted to be the first ever real-world equivalent of Babel Fish. The Google Assistant-enabled Pixel Buds could translate in real-time using Google Translate. But, Google Translate being Google Translate, results were not guaranteed to be accurate all the time, but the product did have promise. On paper, you could talk to a foreign coworker, friend, family member, or any stranger while travelling. The feature, however, is only available for the Pixel Buds paired with a Google Pixel. Now, it appears that Google is finally opening up the feature to more users.

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Droid-Life spotted a new entry on the Google support page that stated that the real-time translation feature is available for all Google Assistant-optimized headphones and Android devices rather than only Pixel Buds with a Google Pixel phone. The previously released LG Tone SE and Type-C Pixel earbuds included with the Google Pixel 3 both have the feature. The Pixel Buds aren't the headphones on the market by a long shot, but they might find a niche in people who travel often and have to interact with people speaking multiple languages.

Currently, not a lot of headphones support Google Assistant out of the box and therefore, the new automatic, real-time Google Translate feature. Some of the devices that do support real-time Assistant integration include the Pixel Buds, Bose Quiet Control 35 II, Sony WI-1000X, Sony WH-1000XM2, Sony WH-1000XM3 and a couple more models by JBL. If you happen to own one of the above headphones and want to try the feature for yourself, you can try saying “Hey Google, help me speak X” to Google Assistant on your earphone or device. Don't expect the results to be a hundred per cent accurate though.

News Source: Droid Life

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