Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Pictured Together in Press Render Leak – Buy the Larger Flagship

Pixel 2 press render leak

Just hours before a leak of the Pixel 2 XL press image came through, the smaller version of Google’s 2017 flagship offering has also been included and we’re informing you from before that if you desire more real estate and a slightly better design, then you should opt for the larger flagship when it is officially available to purchase.

Pixel 2 Appears to Stick to the Same Old Boring 2016 Smartphone Design - No Dual-Camera Solution on Either Phone

Evan Blass might be disappointed to see the massive bezels surrounding the Pixel 2 but at least there is some consolation when you look at the Pixel 2 XL. Another disappointing revelation is that both of these flagships do not possess a dual-camera so Google will have come up with that pixie dust smartphone camera magic if it is expected to perform better than the iPhone 8 lineup and obtain the highest ranking in the DxOMark camera results.

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Still, you get front-firing speakers, which should be great for media consumption but from a company’s perspective, we can understand why Google did not pay too much attention to the design of the Pixel 2; charging a premium for the larger phone as Apple has done for several years now. Still, it would have a been a killer addition had the Pixel 2 XL was incorporated with a dual-camera optics upgrade.

There might be other advantages to owning any one of these flagships and if you like a changed up design, and want to experience the stock-Android interface, it is going to cost you. The rumored starting price of the Pixel 2 XL is $849, but at least you’re getting the changes that you desire.

While you’re meticulously looking at the leaked image to justify if the Pixel 2 is going to be worth it this year or not, you can also check out our rumor roundup of both incoming flagships that are expected to be unveiled on October 4.

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