Phil Spencer On Xbox Scorpio Announcement, E3, 1st Party Games and JRPG’s


Xbox head Phil Spencer has taken to Twitter to answer some questions from the community regarding the upcoming Xbox Scorpio, this year's E3 event, first party games and his recent trip to Japan.

The Microsoft executive recently went on a trip to Japan to meet third party developers and publishers, and the outcome of his visit sounded positive. On Twitter, Spencer now talked some more about the Japanese interest in Xbox. “I was encouraged by trip to Japan”, he said. “More work to do but I'm committed to working with Japanese publishers.”

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The Xbox One lacks Japanese third-party support, but according to the Xbox head, there are publishers who’re looking for a global audience which includes releasing their games on Xbox.

Spencer continued that JRPG’s are on their way to Xbox One. “Yes, visit to Japan confirmed for me we'd be seeing these coming”, he stated.

The Xbox team's biggest focus is the release of the upcoming Xbox Scorpio later this year, and this year's E3 event will likely be used to fully unveil the console and its game lineup. Microsoft's exact plans for the press briefing are unknown, but Spencer wants to make sure that the games shown will have more stage time. "I want to give our games more time on stage at E3, I sometimes feel like we rush telling the story of our games at E3."

When asked whether there's a possibility if Microsoft will further detail the Scorpio Project before its E3 event, Spencer replied that he can't announce this just yet. He also said that more information about a separate Xbox Scorpio event will follow later. "More to come on this", he said.

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The Xbox head also chimed on the focus on Xbox first-party games and the necessity of having those ready for the Scorpio. "It's a journey", he tweeted. "Started w/ focus on hardware, longest timelines. We've rebuilt XBL and OS. Bringing same focus to 1P."

Microsoft is holding its E3 conference on Sunday, June 11, moving away from the company's traditional Monday briefing.