Phil Spencer: “A Lot” Of Xbox Scorpio “Interest” From Japanese Developers


According to Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, a lot of Japanese developers have expressed their interest in the Xbox Scorpio.

Spencer just came back from his trip to Japan to speak with third parties about bringing more Japanese games to Xbox, and the outcome was positive if the Xbox executive is to be believed. Although he can’t share specifics just yet, a lot of new Japanese games for Xbox Scorpio and Xbox One were previewed. “A lot of dev interest in Scorpio/XB1”, Spencer said. “Previewed a lot of new games. Can't share 3P specifics but Japan was a great trip.”

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Japanese Xbox One sales have been rather disappointing and the console severely lacks Japanese titles. Great JRPG’s such as Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey are absent (apart from being backwards compatible) on the Xbox One, and it would be great to see new titles appear on Microsoft’s current and upcoming enhanced console.

The Xbox Scorpio is slated for release later this year. The Scorpio project will probably be fully detailed during Microsoft’s E3 press conference this year.

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