Phil Spencer Says Xbox Needs to Focus More on RPGs; “Is An Area That We Should Focus”


During a recent video interview with Xbox UK, Xbox boss Phil Spencer talked about the future of the brand going forward.

In the interview, Microsoft’s executive Vice President also mentioned the areas that he believes need more attention in the future, more particularly the gaming genres that require more focus. RPG fans will be happy to learn that the head of Xbox intends to step up on the RPG genre.

“One of the things that I’m really proud of that I see now is how RPGs are stepping up for us”, the executive said.

“Back in the day, when I think Mass Effect 1 which I worked on, Jade Empire, Fable… I remember we really staked out RPGs as something that was important.”

Spencer continued that while shooters have been going strong, the team intends to focus more on delivering role-playing-games in the future.

“Obviously first-person and third-person shooters have been strong, but it’s nice with Outer Worlds coming out, Wasteland… I think RPG is an area that we purposedly focused on and wanted to do more.

“But it’s also, as we’re watching Xbox Game Pass grow and grow, we’re seeing more genres enter, and whether it’s genres that used to be popular and coming back or creators trying new things because they have an audience that’s always there and they can think how to deliver stories to those people… But I do think RPG is an area that we should focus and I think X0 will be fun around that news as well.”

The output of RPG games on the Xbox One has been somewhat low since the console’s release in 2013. The recent acquisitions of both inXile (Wasteland 3) and Obsidian Entertainment (The Outer Worlds) are part of Microsoft’s plan to focus more on delivering RPG games. Let’s hope that we’ll be able to enjoy more of this genre on the Xbox Scarlett and PC in the years to come.

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