Phil Spencer: DirectX 12 won’t be a “Massive Change” for Xbox One – What to Expect from 1st Party Studios

Microsoft's Xbox One console is fairly doing better now after some earlier adjustments that were made to pump up the console's sales and technical performance, but the platform holder needs more sugar to straighten up the levels with Sony's PlayStation 4. DirectX 12, the upcoming newer version of Microsoft's video game API, was previously boasted as a game changer for the Xbox One, but now as more officials and developers are expressing their concerns over the topic, it seems like DirectX 12 will not really be a blast in the console gaming industry.

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Phil Spencer Says DirectX 12 will not Bring a "Massive Change" to Xbox One's performance - Expectations from First Party Studios Explained

The introduction of DirectX 12 for the Xbox One has raised the hopes of several developers and those who are eagerly waiting to see the console performing parallel to its industry competitor. Very little is known about how the upcoming API will properly supply the Xbox One with enough juice to boost its rankings and performance. Many video game developers and industry analysts have expressed their thoughts on the topic, with some going for the brighter side by making statements such as DirectX 12 will double Xbox One's GPU power, and others holding on the ropes behind the lines.

Analyzing all the DirectX 12 alongside Xbox One hype, Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's Xbox division, decided to pour out some realistic estimation of what can be expected from the upcoming API for the company's console. Answering fans' question on Twitter, Phil mentioned that the DirectX 12 will obviously improve Xbox One's performance by helping developers to create video games more easily, however, it will not bring a "massive change."

Phil also explained why he thinks that first party studios are different than the third party studios and what can be expected from developers that create exclusively for the Xbox One.

Being head of the Xbox division, Phil should have boasted the role of DirectX 12 in improving the Xbox One's performance to super limits but interestingly it seems that he does not want to break the fans by being overpromising. It is quite refreshing to hear something close to the reality after all those unrealistic assessments made by video game developers and industry officials.

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