PES 2019 Officially Announced For PC And Consoles; 4K, HDR Support Confirmed


Konami has unveiled today the next entry in the Pro Evolution Soccer series, PES 2019, which will launch in a few months on PC and consoles.

PES 2019 gameplay has been improved further from the èast entry in the series with several new features such as new skill traits, Visible Fatigue, new physics and more.

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Fans will be able to experience lifelike player movement making PES 2019’s famed superior gameplay even greater as Beckham, Coutinho and more have their unique playing styles brought to life. The game takes player individuality to the next level by introducing a variety of new skill traits that give the player a chance to create Magic Moments on the pitch, which is now the forefront of PES 2019’s superior gameplay.

Finding space in tough-to-break down opponents will take a twist as well with Visible Fatigue, which will impact performance and behaviour. New shooting mechanics will take into account improved ball physics, player and ball position, and player skills and shot styles. Hitting the back of the net in PES 2019 will be more satisfying than ever before with new net physics and celebrations added, teamed with new crowd animations.

PES 2019 will also look better than ever thanks to the Enlighten software, which will bring 4K and HDR support.

The beautiful game has never looked better thanks to ‘Enlighten’ software for true-to-life visual effects and 4K HDR across all platforms. Real time ‘Global Illumination’ lighting and shadows has led to improved in-game graphics with better crowd detail, real grass textures and the return of the incredibly popular snow weather effect.

New features also include a new menu interface, which will be dynamically updated to bring all the latest news.

PES 2019 launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 30th. The game will be released in two different editions, with Phillippe Coutinho on the front cover of the standard edition and David Beckham on a special edition which gives fans the opportunity to unlock myClub bonuses.