Penello Questions Sony’s Decision on PS4 Controller Support for PS5; Says There’s No Reason Why it Won’t Work For All PS5 Games  


Microsoft’s former Xbox marketing lead, Albert Penello, has taken to Twitter to comment on Sony’s recent decision to only allow the existing DualShock 4 controller to work with supported PS4 titles on PS5.

Earlier this week, Sony announced that its DualShock 4 PS4 controller won’t work with PS5 games. According to Sony, this decision was made due to the unique new features that the upcoming DualSense PS5 will bring, including the new haptic feedback tech and adaptive triggers.

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On Twitter, Penello has questioned Sony’s decision and states that there’s literally no reason why the DualShock 4 won’t work for all PS5 titles.

“Something about this feels off”, Penello writes. “Technology-wise they clearly work. Other accessories will be supported (Fight sticks, PSVR) and that's awesome. When you look at the actual Dualsense features, there is nothing about what they are doing that should prevent DS4 from working.”

According to the former marketing lead, Sony has merely added a new microphone and new rumble motors to the DualSense, adding to his argument that the DS4 should be allowed to work with PS5 games.

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Mike Ybarra, Microsoft's former corporate vice president of gaming, also chimed in on the matter, stating that, in the end, only the price of the PS5 and exclusive games will be the deciding factors to many hardcore gamers.

Another thing that Penello mentions is DualShock 4 controller support for upgraded PS4 titles on the PS5.

“What about upgraded titles? If a PS4 game running on PS5 gets an upgrade, does the DS4 stop working?”, he writes. “Will customers have to forego title updates for controller compatibility? If they don't, then the argument breaks. If they do this seems very messy.”

Penello believes that money is involved with Sony’s decision and hopes that it will lead to a lower-priced console.

“The crazy thing is - there was a better solution and that would have been to make the DualSense work on the PS4. Stop selling DS4 and make DualSense your "cross-gen" controller.”

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