New PCB Shot of GK104 GeForce GTX 680 Leaked


A much clear picture of the GeForce GTX 680 PCB featuring the GK104 chip has emerged online, The GPU would be NVIDIA's latest performance tier card which would be part of its 28nm Kepler Lineup. We have seen alot of different variants of the PCB ranging from Enginerring Sample to the final version which were leaked online but were partially pictured or were not clear enough to get an exact idea of the features on board.

The latest picture which has leaked online is probably the final retail version of the PCB. As far as details go, we have already posted the specs found on the PCB on other detailed post here. Just a little overview of the PCB, It features 8 Memory chips which show the use of 256-bit width 2GB GDDR5 memory, A 5 Phase VRM powered through two stacked 6 Pin connectors, TDP would be around 190-200W, Die size of the core is said to be almost equal to 300mm2 . Display outputs include 2 DVI, A full length Display Port and HDMI, There are 2 SLI Gold fingers located which suggests that the GPU offers Quad Way GPU support.

The PCI-e slot was hidden by a piece of paper due to unknown reasons, Maybe the GPU codename is listed on that part of the board.