Patriot Viper 4 RAM is on sale at!


If you are looking to always add to your RAM collection, like I am, you are always on the hunt for RAM deals. Right now on 8GB of dual-channel memory that runs at an amazing 3000 MHz is on sale for 19% off!

The Patriot Viper 4 dual-channel memory is on sale at Amazon, sadly only up to the 8GB kit

Each module out of the Patriot Viper 4 is 4GB of RAM with the whole kit equaling out to 8GB, the minimum that I would put into a current hardware desktop. This kits original price of $39.99 has been discounted down to $32.29, now that may not seem like a huge discount but with how RAM prices have been in the past, I would say any deal on current generation RAM is a good deal.

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The base frequency of this RAM is 2133 MHz, which is a bit lower than 3000 MHz but with XMP 2.0 enabled the frequency is able to easily go up to 3000 MHz in speed. Another setting that changes drastically when the XMP 2.0 profile is enabled is the timings of the RAM itself, without XMP 2.0 the timings are 15-15-15-36 and with XMP 2.0 enabled the timings to change drastically to 16-18-18-36, which allows this RAM to achieve the advertised speed of 3000 MHz.

While the official specifications of this RAM does only go up to 3000 MHz, in the product description on Amazon it does state that only this ram will provide an amazing gaming performance with the minimal power draw of 1.35V and the amazing speed of 3733 MHz, this may just be a typo but if it isn't that is a very good speed for the minimal price of this RAM!

The red-colored heat spreader will look good in any system, although if you were looking for any type of LEDs or RGB lights then this is not the RAM for you, as this ram is more functionality over form allowing for wide compatibility and compatibility with the XMP format.

I would suggest any looking to build a Black Friday computer should pick up the Patriot Viper 4 kit while it's still at the discounted price on Amazon. If the stated speeds of 3733 MHz are a possibility then this RAM is worth every penny!