Corsair Extends Vengeance Series with two new Dual Channel Memory Kits


Corsair has announced the release of two new memory kits which will be part of its Vengeance Series Memory. Both kits feature 8GB Dual Channel DDR3, Each kits includes 2 DDR3 sticks holding 4GB Memory.

The first kit is made up of two dual channel sticks equipped with a red colored comb shaped heatsink. The PCB is colored black featuring high quality components and supports Intel's XMP overclocking mode. The Ram operates at PC3-12800 ( DDR3-1600MHz ) with timings of CL = 9-9-9-24 ,Default voltage is maintained at 1.50V. 

The other kit is part of Corsairs Low Profile (LP) Series which feature lower voltages scaled down to 1.35V. The heatsink is also cut down to 26.25mm featuring a Silver color scheme. The specs of the Dual channel kit are almost the same as the previous - PC3-12800 ( DDR3-1600MHz ) with timings of CL = 9-9-9-24.

All Corsair Memory kits come with lifetime warranty. The price of the first kit is 74.99$ while the LP kit is priced at 89.99$.