MSI Enabling A-XMP For Ryzen Motherboards Soon

Looks like memory speed support is indeed increasing on the new AMD Ryzen platform and MSI is poised to be one of the first out the gate to do so.  This isn't immediately available so don't go running for the support site just yet, but it will be coming in the very near future through an EFI update.  MSI posted on their site regarding the A-XMP update as well as slew of new motherboards that will hopefully be hitting the market just in time for the launch of Ryzen 5 in April.  Just a quick aside, in the current MSI motherboard's EFI A-XMP already exists to a degree, but this will be a much more mature version that should expand compatibility.


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It is no secret that memory support has been lacking in the early days of Ryzen, unless you're able to source out a few select kits of DDR4 3600 CL14 or better that feature Samsung B-Die. If that's not the case you're likely limited to DDR4 2667 and some instances with select boards able to hit 2933 on non B-Die ram.  Looking at the A-XMP on the screenshot provided this appears to match our XMP settings for our G.Skill Trident Z rated at DDR4 3200 CL16, so we'll be itching to see if this update indeed allows us to reach higher memory clocks.  If so we will be revisiting Ryzen 7 1800x performance and comparing it with faster RAM to our initial results found in our full review below.



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New Motherboards

X370 Boards


Ready for some new X370 Boards? Good. Because MSI will be delivering three new X370 based motherboards that are targeted to those looking for higher end features at a lower price while still maintaining a clean aesthetic and Multi-GPU capability.  These motherboards include the X370 Krait Gaming, X370 Gaming Pro, and X370 SLI Plus




B350 Boards


For the budget minded enthusiast MSI is bringing some rather interesting boards to the B350 market and builders might want to take a look at these, especially the white PCB Arctic lineup.  While these boards aren't targeted at the multi GPU crowd they aren't that cut down from the X370 boards and are still quite feature rich.  These motherboards include the B350 Tomahawk Arctic, B350m Mortar Arctic, B350M Bazooka, and B350  PC Mate.  Personally looking forward to the B350m Mortar for our future Ryzen APU test system (whenever that comes along) because of MSI's updates for memory support as well as the Mortar having a Display Port.  Imagine a capable APU being able to take advantage of a FreeSync display, we'll see.

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