Blizzard Introduces Priority Pass System to Improve Role Queues


Overwatch damage players who consistently find themselves having issues dealing with lengthy queue times are about to get a reprieve.

Blizzard is introducing a new Priority Pass system that will help damage players specifically find games much quicker. Though the new queue system has largely assisted most players with getting into games quickly and efficiently, it has also caused something of a wait for damage players.

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At times, it has taken 10 to 15 minutes for users who wish to play damage-dealing characters to jump into a game, with some taking routinely longer. That's where the Priority Pass comes into play.

Director Jeff Kaplan took to the latest developer update to line out the new system, which will reward players for being flexible. They'll also forward players to the front of the "line" in a queue, which means shorter wait times. This should eventually help funnel players through in general at a higher rate.

"Priority passes are earned by entering a flex queue," Kaplan explained of the new Overwatch change. "When you enter a flex queue you are in essence queueing for every role available." That means you might have to play something you don't want to for a bit. However, it should ultimately result in an easier, quicker way to get into a game.

"If you win the game while in the flex queue, you’ll earn even more Priority Passes.” Kaplan said. He explained that players will be able to hold up to 40 passes at one time.

The change hasn't gone live for everyone yet. It's still yet to have arrived on the PTR, but that will be its first stop in the coming days. There's no projected date for when we can expect it there, but it will likely be filtered into the full game a few weeks after it hits the PTR. That should be on the horizon soon.