Overwatch 2 Suffers Two Mass DDoS Attacks on Launch Day

Alessio Palumbo
Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 experienced significant server connection issues on its early access launch day. According to Blizzard, the problems stemmed from two mass DDoS attacks.

President Mike Ybarra said about twelve hours ago:

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Unfortunately we are experiencing a mass DDoS attack on our servers. Teams are working hard to mitigate/manage. This is causing a lot of drop/connection issues.

Four hours ago, Overwatch 2 Game Director Aaron Keller provided an update on the situation:

We’re steadily making progress on server issues and stability, as well as working through a second DDoS attack. We’re all hands on deck and will continue to work throughout the night. Thank you for your patience - we’ll share more info as it becomes available.

As with any freshly launched game, Overwatch 2 also has some known bugs and issues. Blizzard has prepared a list, which we've reported below.

Known Launch Issues

  • Some players who merged their PC and console accounts are seeing an “Unexpected Server Error”
  • Some cosmetics, items, and currency that players own are not showing up in their collections
  • Some players are experiencing server disconnects

Known Bugs

  • Prices for dynamic bundles in some Just For You sections aren’t populating
  • Using Alt + Tab in fullscreen and windowed borderless can result in a blackscreen
  • The camera may be misplaced on the level when viewing your Highlights
  • Hero Unlock challenges may fail to progress in Total Mayhem
  • Workshop Green Screen and Workshop Island are loading incorrect maps and may break some existing codes
  • Numbani, Necropolis, Illios CTF, and Temple of Anubis are temporarily disabled
  • Echo is playing Kiriko, Sojourn, and Junker Queen ultimate lines in English for non-English languages
  • Mitigating Bastion’s damage as many heroes will not grant proper credit for the System-Wide Malfunction season challenge
  • SMS protect - Using a number that is already in use on another account can leave the client in an unusable state. If you encounter this, close the title, log into the affected http://battle.net/ 6.7k account via web browser and change the number to one that is unique

For our take on Overwatch 2 so far, check out the first impressions article. The game is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and Nintendo Switch with a free-to-play business model and cross-platform play.

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