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Rizwan Anwer

CoD Black Ops Multiplayer Overview:

Okay so with the recent release of CoD Black Ops which is right now making sales records across the world on nearly every platform there is one question on our minds, whether the MP is good enough? I mean isn’t the MP of this game another reason we buy XBOX Live Gold cards or pay for the full price of the game on release date? Over the years we have seen many improvements done to CoD games, starting with Modern Warfare, World at War and Modern Warfare 2. Each game brought a new change to the multiplayer game style but yet generation after generation of CoD game is always a lobby of fun, the online population of the game is very healthy especially when you are playing the latest CoD game in the series, like right now Black Ops has an average of 300,000+ users daily on PlayStation 3, although right now the game is at its prime stages after a month or so this number will decrease to 200,000 daily and so and might maintain a certain daily average.

Enough introduction let’s get on to the topic at hand. I have been playing Black Ops and so far I like it, although there are a few things you should know ahead of time

1. There is regional / global matchmaking although both are a bit laggy at the moment but Treyarch is working on a fix.

2. The FAMAS is the new UMP 45 of this game, a few hits from this bad ass and you can easily get an insane killstreak in no time.

3. Tactical Insertions can’t be used in Free for all’s so no more boosting

4. The max kill streak is up to 11 killstreaks which Is the gunship, it’s like the campaign missions Payback, you can pilot the HIND by yourself and no kills from your killstreak do not count to your killstreak i.e if you are one kill away from attack dogs and you have a cobra out then getting a few kills will NOT give you the attack dogs killstreak, you have to kill every enemy with YOUR GUN for the killstreaks.

5. Wager matches are incredibly fun to play with friends and strangers you can bet as low as 10 cod points or as high as 10,000 cod points and risk winning 3x that amount if you manage to place first in the wager matches. The easiest wager match by FAR is gun game, I have placed first in this game mode many times and the only difficult part for me is sniping otherwise I easily get a 6-7 killstreak.

6. This is not like the other CoD games where you level up and you have the weapon available instantly for purchase, you still need to level up to use perks and weapons but they cost CoD points to unlock and so do their attachments, even your equipment and killstreak rewards cost points, this is a very big motivational factor for those of you who plan on getting by on variable guns, the fastest way to earn XP is to earn short term challenges called contracts or just play a few rounds of wager matches.

7. To prestige you will need 5,000 cod points

8. Max rank is level 50 which is pretty easy to level up to.

9. You can customize your CoD card (the card which has emblems and title) to your own liking you can make custom images, join 2 images together and even choose your own color for your emblem and title

10. You can watch your previous gameplay videos (upto 7 days only) in theatre mode with a friend and show off great games you had to friends who claim “Pics or it didn’t happen” my friend and I always get together now and then and compare rounds of gun game and domination.

11. Over powered perks like Commando are gone and in their place we have flak jacket and hacker and other new perks.

12. Care packages no longer roll like boulders and instead stay stationary, it was bloody ridiculous to get killed by YOUR OWN care package in modern warfare 2 even by a SLIGHT roll

13. The new maps are amazing, I have not encountered any campers or any possible spots where you can hide yourself from the enemy. The maps have a great design and very challenging at times.

14. A new weapon attachment is the flamethrower, a fancy way of finishing off enemies who haven’t noticed your presence and it looks friggin amazing when you set him on fire and he runs like a headless chicken.

15. Cod points spent CAN NOT BE REFUNDED what’s bought is bought, YOU CAN NOT RETURN OR EXCHANGE ANY PERK AND SO ON.

The MP gives you a lot of variety you can use many different items to help you get kills, such as decoys, spike camera and even a portable radar which you can hide and it will show incoming enemies within a certain radius, this is especially useful if your a sniper.

In my opinion the game is more balanced then Modern Warfare 2, there is lesser noobtubing and commando abusers. Now that people have to earn their perks I think it will be a while before we see noobtubers become a common thing but until then the game is absolutely is MUCH more challenging compared to Modern Warfare 2, you will definitely rage at the start of the game (when you are new to the game) because the handling feels VERY different from MW2 but once you get used to it you can become a beast, in 2/3 matches i always manage to call in a cobra atleast twice with the help of the FAMAS. The game is simply too hard to put down once you get the hang of the MP, with the return of classic game modes (S&D, TDM, Ground War, Demolition etc) how can you possibly pass up this great game?

once again this is my own work, I did not plagiarize this from any site and if missed any details please do point them out. I just made this so that people can get better guidance on how the MP of Black Ops is like, I welcome your feedback and ideas.

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