Outlook For iOS Updated With Limited 3D Touch Support On iPhone 6s


It's been quite a while since the 3D Touch made its debut alongside the iPhone 6s. Enumerable apps have gained support for the feature, which have proven out to be a great help for some people. However, not all apps were updated instantly, such as Microsoft's Outlook for iOS. Nonetheless, the update is finally here, bragging 3D Touch support and much more, which we will be telling you later on.

Outlook For iOS Gains 3D Touch Support And Improved Printing Options

Microsoft's email client for iOS has been updated with support for 3D Touch. Moreover, the app now allows users to print conversations and messages with ease. Since we're all well familiar with the works of 3D Touch, users now have the ability to create new events and emails by firmly pressing the app icon. Furthermore, users can also get direct access to their Outlook calendar right from the Home screen.

Outlook for iOS is one of the most popular email clients and users have been waiting for the 3D Touch supported update for a long while. While 3D Touch offers ample controls and operations within the app, it seems that Outlook for iOS is missing quite a few 3D Touch tricks up its sleeves. Henceforth, the update might not be as useful as some had expected it to be.

The 3D Touch support in the update does not extend its control within the app. This means pressing on links within emails and messages does not do anything. It does not mean that Microsoft is against the provision of this feature. It is just a matter of time when the company decides to update the app for more playable features.

Right now, the update enables users to use 3D Touch in order to create new event, new email and view calendar right from their Home screen. Moreover, there are other big enhancements part of the update as well. Outlook for iOS is now updated with improved printing. Users can now print messages and conversations directly from the email view. You can do this by tapping the options button located at the top of the email view and select 'Print Conversation' option. This is an easy one step way to print conversations from the email view.

You can download the Outlook for iOS app from the link provided below. As for now, let us know your views about the update in the comments.

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