OUKITEL K4000 Lite Is Shown To Beat Hammers Straight Into Wooden Stools

OUKITEL K4000 Lite ultra-durable

Sub-$100 Android phones would naturally compromise over a lot of things, with durability being the first and foremost. However, where OUKITEL K4000 Lite is taken into account, the smartphone can actually bear a lot of beating as you’ll soon find out.

OUKITEL K4000 Lite Is Able To Hammer Nails On A Wooden Stool – Check Out The Video Right Here

OUKITEL has managed to upload a video on YouTube showcasing the durability factor of OUKITEL K4000 Lite. From the looks of it, the smartphone might not be able to withstand an electrical drill, but it can sure handle beating nails into wood, and that’s quite impressive, assuming the video is authentic.

One of the reasons why OUKITEL K4000 Lite features an affordable price is because the company had to make a sacrifice on its hardware. Keep in mind that the device is not as powerful as the regular K4000, and you have a MediaTek MT6735 SoC with a quad-core Cortex-A53 running at a speed of 1.0GHz. In addition, you will find 2GB of RAM present, along with 16GB of on-board storage. The storage can easily be expanded thanks to a MicroSD card slot that supports up to 32GB of memory.


The screen size itself if a 5-inch 2.5D with a 720p resolution and the lesser number of pixels should allow you to experience more talk-time. Perhaps the key selling point of the smartphone lies in its massive battery capacity, affordability and the ‘zoom in’ feature that we believe we are hearing about for the first time.

Thanks to the work of additional software, the UI of the device can expand at your will, zooming in or zooming out the display to see what’s present on that display slightly better. This is going to be extremely handy for users who have poor eyesight when it comes to making out the details of smaller icons and other minute objects of interest.

Looking at the specs on paper, perhaps our only gripe would be the slower processor. If something more powerful was added, then it would give the user more freedom in terms of opening a flurry of apps. However, reminding ourselves that the smartphone sports a 720p resolution, it could exert less stress of the CPU and GPU, allowing for a more fluid experience. For its price tag of less than $100, what are your impressions of K4000 Lite? Tell us your thoughts right away.


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