ORWL Pro M3: A Computer for the Data Conscience


The ORWL Pro is a super-secure computer, this computer is most definitely for the data conscience, meaning that this computer will delete all your data if it is hacked into anyway.

The ORWL Pro will delete your data if it's ever hacked into!

The ORWL Pro has many features:

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  • Sixth-generation Intel Skylake core processor that runs at the speed 1.2Ghz
    • While not listed on the ORWL Pro website, looking up the M3 processor shows this as the M7-6Y75, which launched in 2015
    • The M7-6Y75 has 2 cores and a max turbo frequency 3.10Ghz along with 4MB Intel Smart Cache
    • This Intel Processor has a total TDP of 4.5 watts
  • The ORWL Pro does make use Intel HD Graphics 515
    • This means that many games will not run at playable framerates
    • Per this NoteBookCheck.net article, shows that this integrated graphics can only play simple games like Team Fortress, Farming Simulator 17 at 720p with playable framerates.
    • In Hitman 2016, at 720p and low settings was at the unplayable framerate of 10.1FPS
  • This Computer only comes with 8GB of LPDD3
    • The LPDD3 only runs at the low speed of 1600Mhz
  • I/O Ports
    • This computer comes with 1 HDMI (which supports 4K output) port and 2 USB 3.0 Type C ports

This computer isn't mean with the gaming community or games in mind, where this computer does shine is the security aspects and features.

  • This computer has Tampering Monitoring
    • Meaning that if someone tries to break into this computer physically, the computer will still delete all your data if the outer shell is broken in any way
    • This Tamper protection is due to the external tamper sensors, which will completely erase the encrypted SSD
  • Thief Protection
    • This is achieved by both the Tamper Protection, and by the 6-axis (gyro and accelerometer) MEMS motion tracking device which will shut down the PC if any movement is detected.
  • Two Factor Authentication
    • Meaning you need both the included KeyFob and the computer password, The NFC or Bluetooth KeyFob must be placed on top of the ORWL Pro.

The ORWL Pro is designed with the data conscience business in mind if your business works with personal information of your clients then this might be the computer for you! Although the huge downside to this computer is the price tag, this computer costs $1,849.00 for the model described above, That is a steep price for each one of your users to have a computer.