Intel Processor N200 & N100 “Alder Lake-N” CPUs Mark The Death of Pentium & Celeron Brands

Intel Processor N200 & N100 "Alder Lake-N" CPUs Mark The Death of Pentium & Celeron Brands 2

Intel recently announced the end of its Pentium & Celeron brand and now, we have the first two chips that feature the new "Intel Processor" naming scheme.

Intel's Alder Lake-N CPUs Mark The End of Pentium & Celeron Brands, Intel Processor N200 & N100 Detailed

Besides the Core lineup, the Intel Pentium and Celeron series mostly serve the entry-level CPU market on desktop and mobility platforms. The 12th Gen Alder Lake family got its share of the Pentium & Celeron chips but that comes to an end with the upcoming Alder Lake-N series that might be the first to step away from the older branding and adopt the new "Processor" CPU branding.

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Discovered by Coelacanth-Dream, Intel is readying at least two 12th Gen CPUs based on the Alder Lake-N series. These include the N200 & the N100. The Alder Lake-N family is designed solely on E-cores based on the Gracemont core architecture. These chips feature a dual-cluster design with as many as 8 cores and 8 threads. The GPU is a standard Gen 12 GT1 design with 32 Execution units.

  • Intel(R) N200 (family: 0x6, model: 0xbe, stepping: 0x0)
  • Intel(R) N100 (family: 0x6, model: 0xbe, stepping: 0x0)

The specifications listed for the Intel Processor N100 and N200 are preliminary and show only four cores and four threads which means a single-cluster design. This will be a very basic design for an entry-level segment.  While the processor names are not official yet, they do not show up with their Pentium & Celeron branding as their predecessors in the Jasper Lake family did. Other specs such as clock speeds, cache, and TDP remain unknown but these entry-level designs will be targeted at thin and lightweight notebooks with a power-efficient design and we can expect sub-5W TDPs on some products to extend their battery times for hours.

Intel revealed that all of their Pentium and Celeron chips will be using the "Intel Processor" brand moving forward in 2023. So we are likely to get more information on the new parts around CES 23.

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