The Order: 1886 – Tops UK Charts

The Order: 1886 released last friday exclusively for the PlayStation 4 console. Even though it has received some mixed reviews the day before its release, it seems that the fact did not have a very big impact on the public's purchasing decision. The Order: 1886, managed to take the top spot in the UK sales charts, beating out the regular favorites. Personally I find this very exciting, as I have already mentioned in my review, The Order: 1886 is a remarkable achievement, and the incredibly talented team at Ready at Dawn, should be given the chance to continue their story and fulfil their vision to its entirety. The Order1886 (2)

As great as The Order: 1886 was, it can not be fully appreciated by the first iteration alone,

it needs to be followed by a worthy sequel that will advance the story and hopefully some aspects of the gameplay as well. I do hope that sales for The Order: 1886 continue to be high, and that Ready at Dawn and Santa Monica studios, keep on expanding the franchise, resulting in a sequel soon enough. I hope that the public is not affected by the average reviews and gives The Order: 1886 a try. Even though some of the arguments against it, are based on some basic understanding of what The Order; 1886 sets out to achieve, it seems that the most important aspects of the game are ignored.

It is disappointing that the industry is at a point where games like The Order: 1886 are bashed upon,

and neither game critics nor gamers can appreciate their value. It saddens me deeply, as I find no way to convey my feelings towards the game so that others can share my affection towards it. I can only hope that the public gives this game a chance and that the developers continue to build upon this great tale.

The Order: 1886 managed to beat the regulars of the UK's sales charts including familiar top sellers like Fifa 15, Destiny, Minecraft and Call of Duty.

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