OneUI-Based Android Pie Gets Second Beta Release for the Galaxy S9


Earlier this month, Samsung had announced their much-awaited Android Pie beta for the Galaxy S9 and S9+. The update is based on their new OneUI design language and is available to sideload as well. It is well known in the developer community and otherwise that beta builds are often bug-ridden and a lot of apps don't function as intended.

Even Google's initial Android Pie beta for the Pixels had its share of bugs, most of which were fixed over time. Today, Samsung released the second iteration of their Android Pie beta and it fixes a significant amount of bugs that plagued the initial release.

ASUS ROG Phone Finally Gets Stable Android Pie Update

An incremental update that fixes several issues

The hotfix update is a 90 MB download and is available for both first and second phase countries. It bears software version G960FXXU2ZRKN and G965FXXU2ZRKN for the S9 and S9+ respectively. You can expect an OTA to hit your device in the coming week. At present, there is no way to sideload the patch. Here is the list of issues that it addressed:

  • Delay of displaying a screen with an incoming call
  • Swiping left or right does not work in Recent menu
  • Not able to log-in Samsung face, fingerprint recognition is not working
  • Alarm comes with vibration only
  • Alarm does not ring at scheduled time
  • When earphones are connected there is no sound through them
  • Rapid battery discharge during Netflix streaming with Chromecast

However, two major issues appear to have slipped through the cracks. Several users have complained that their mobile data connection was not working on the second Pie beta and that some apps flat out refuse to work. Asking a beta build to perform flawlessly right off the bat is a stretch, and everyone who participated in the program were made aware of the fact that several apps and functions might not work as intended. hopefully, Samsung addresses these issues in a subsequent release.