OnePlus App Locker Can Be Easily Bypassed If You Have A Third-Party Launcher Installed

Zara Ali
OnePlus 5 prototype

OnePlus devices run OxygenOS, Android ROM that offers an array of features and customization options. These features are different from stock Android and are exclusive to OxygenOS. One of the latest features on the OxygenOS is the built-in app locker, which protects the app from being accessed by any other user than the owner of the phone. However, the app does not seem to be good at its job as it can be easily bypassed.

A hack proves that OxygenOS app locker is not as secure as it should have been. The app locker touts to secure apps and not let others open apps on your phone without fingerprint scan or PIN/password. The new hack (via XDA-developers) shows how anyone can bypass app lock screen and access protected apps on your phone, just by following some simple steps.

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The lock screen can be bypassed if the user has any third party launcher installed on their devices, such as Nova Launcher, Action Launcher, and others. XDA demonstrated the hack with Nova launcher. The process is pretty simple; all anyone has to do is open Nova launcher’s settings page and then add an activity to App Locker, which will create app locker shortcut to the home screen of the phone. With this shortcut, anyone can easily turn on/off the app lockers and access apps.

OnePlus has acknowledged the issue and said that it is currently working on “fixing it in an upcoming OTA.” The company has not revealed a timeline for OTA update, but in the meantime, it would be better to keep your phone locked instead of relying on the app locker alone to take care of privacy. Or, you can get rid of third-party launchers for some time until the OTA fix arrives. Among all the other software issues that surfaced on OnePlus's recently launched OnePlus 5 flagship, the issue with the app locker is of lesser concern.

Here's the video of the hack:

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