It’s On! OnePlus 6T Receives Important Certification Before Launch

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The OnePlus 6T is due for launch in just four days. We've seen a lot of details surface for it so far, from official and unofficial channels. It's believed that OnePlus will finally conduct a carrier launch of its smartphone in the West with the OnePlus 6T. Now more information for a carrier release has come to light. Take a look below for details.

The OnePlus 6T Passes Certification At Verizon's Labs; Carrier Release For The Gadget Is Now Almost Certain

We've got a credible report today, which suggests that the OnePlus 6T is ready for launch by Verizon. The good folks over at PCMag reported earlier this month that Verizon is testing the OnePlus 6T in its labs to ensure that the device is compliant and ready to use. Now, PCMag is reporting that the OnePlus 6T has passed Verizon's tests, and the smartphone is, therefore, ready for a launch in the United States.

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Additionally, Verizon is not the only carrier that OnePlus will work with. The company is also focused on a partnership with T-Mobile, suggests today's report. T-Mobile will help OnePlus penetrate the US market as it will allow the company to target users who aren't tech-savvy.

Additionally, OnePlus' partnership with Verizon also has a strategic purpose. It allows OnePlus to become comfortable in working with the company, as the smartphone company prepares to enter the 5G race next year. For now, it looks as if OnePlus couldn't have found a more opportune moment to conduct its first smartphone retail and carrier release.

The OnePlus 6T's successor will undoubtedly use a 7nm processor, and if Carl Pei's ambitions bear fruit, then it'll also support 5G connectivity. Both of these are heavy-duty features, and OnePlus will already have carrier/retail experience when it introduces the next generation OnePlus smartphone in the market. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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