OnePlus 6 Allegedly Leaked – Looks Like a Galaxy S9+ When Viewed From Its Backside


As the MWC 2018 trade show continues to roll forward, you guys and we get a first look at what could be the OnePlus 6. Smartphone design has come a long way and for the OnePlus 6, the manufacturer might take a step in right direction, according to this leaked image.

OnePlus 6 Might Get Wireless Charging Support if This Turns Out to Be a Glass Back After All

The OnePlus 6 looks like it will be supporting the iPhone X notch but if you take a look at the image, it appears to be a less wider notch than the one present in the iPhone X. This indicates that there might be fewer internals present in this space, but the glass back might provide foreshadowing that this might be the first device from OnePlus to get support for wireless charging.

OnePlus 6 and 6T Will No Longer Receive Android Updates as Company Officially Ends Support

We are seeing that OnePlus is slowing introducing newer and better features in its smartphone family and at the same time, it is slowly creeping up that retail price as it increases those number of features. This reveals the market competitiveness of the smartphone industry in general and shows the things that OnePlus will have to do in order to survive.

The company is also developing and using its OxygenOS skin in its smartphones, which is adding to those costs in the form of labor. With the OnePlus 6, we believe that Face Unlock is going to be part of the feature set, as you guys can already see the fingerprint sensor present at the back.

At this time, this is all the information we have for you but do not believe that this is going to be the final product that we will witness during the official announcement. Perhaps this could be just another prototype among many that has managed to leak on the internet, so we are sure that there are going to be several more to follow in the future.

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News Source: ITHome