OnePlus 5 Prototype Shows a Vertically-Placed Dual-Camera and an Unchanged Design When Compared to OnePlus 3

Omar Sohail
OnePlus 5 prototype

From the looks of it, the OnePlus 5 does not want to appeal to smartphone users that have a penchant for owning devices that boast eye-catching designs. With the OnePlus 3, all you got was a generic metal chassis, which is not a bad thing by any means, but with a dedicated smartphone design team working on the newest iteration of successors, you’d think to invest a little more effort on how your device looks and feels.

Leaked OnePlus 5 Prototype Shows a Dual-Camera That Has Been Vertically Stacked While Retaining the Same Exterior Properties of Its Predecessor

The key selling point that OnePlus might be going for is incorporating the best mobile hardware inside the OnePlus 5 and attaching an affordable price tag onto it. According to the leaked prototype reported about by Android Authority, you can clearly see the OnePlus logo at the back, the antenna bands, and the profile button showing that the smartphone company isn’t too keen on changing up this ‘tried and tested’ design.

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That is not a bad decision, but as stated earlier, when you have other competitors aiming to please the globe with unique design choices, you’d think that OnePlus would also give this a shot. While this might be a prototype, it has not been confirmed if this is going to be the only design that OnePlus has been working on.

Remember, there have been rumors that OnePlus 5 could include a metal and glass chassis, which will not only upgrade the overall aesthetics of the device but also allow the company to incorporate support for wireless charging. In addition, the company’s proprietary Dash Charge technology could be heavily improved to rapidly charge the smartphone in a small time window, but having support for wireless charging is also a welcome feature in this day and age of smartphones.

Other additions could include an AMOLED panel paired with a QHD resolution and a battery capacity of 4,000mAh. Previous rumors have claimed that the OnePlus 5 will be relatively thin meaning that the handset might not feature a large battery capacity.

However, if OnePlus 3 can roll out an upgraded model called OnePlus 3T and outfit it with a 3,400mAh battery, then there’s no way that the same approach cannot be observed with the upcoming OnePlus 5.

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