OnePlus 5 and Its New Dual-Camera Shines in the Latest Camera Samples – Portrait Mode Images Look Breathtaking


The dual-camera is going to be one of the many upgrades centered around the recent arrival of the OnePlus 5. To bring you up to speed, the affordable flagship features a single 16MP rear shooter with a F/1.7 aperture, and right next to it, you have a 20MP sensor with a F/2.6 aperture. The two cameras working together call for some brilliant shot making with the smartphone, and we have the camera samples to prove that to you. All the samples that you are about to see have been untouched and unedited, and they are here for your viewing pleasure.

OnePlus 5 Portrait Mode Images Look Absolutely Stunning - Zoomed Images Look Even Better With the Lossless Imaging Feature

A very interesting approach to the dual-camera was the number of megapixels used. We see several manufacturers using dual-cameras but use less number of megapixels so that this lesser number on a small camera sensor would be able to capture a ton of light while maintaining the image’s rich quality.

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When a future teardown of the OnePlus 5 will be carried out, we will get to know what kind of hardware was packing underneath that dual-camera, but it looks like the company could have done better by adopting a fewer number of megapixels.

Regardless, the latest camera samples are a testament to the OnePlus 5 camera’s prowess but we would also like to remind you that these samples have been taken where the surrounding light is plentiful. It will be very interesting to see how the smartphone’s camera performs under low-light conditions because that is where nearly all cameras falter.

Sometime back, none of us would have believed that price/performance handsets would be capable of producing such impressive photography but here we are. The price of the OnePlus 5 starts from $479, which isn’t really bad considering what you’re getting in return.

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News Source: Twitter (Krispitech)