OnePlus 10 Pro Extreme Edition Now Official with a Ceramic Back with 512GB of Storage


OnePlus unveiled the OnePlus 10 Pro in China last month and during the event, the phone was showcased in Volcanic Black and Emerald Forest. However, the company has now decided to unveil a new color; the latest color that you are getting is the OnePlus 10 Pro Extreme Edition in Ceramic White. Yes, the time for ceramic phones is back.

The Only Thing 'Extreme' About OnePlus 10 Pro Extreme Edition is the Storage and Ceramic Back

In a recent post on Weibo, OnePlus has confirmed the latest variant of the OnePlus 10 Pro. The design is the same as the other two color variants but this time around, you are getting a white ceramic back panel finish and a black camera module that reminds us of a panda.

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You can check out how the device looks below.

While the company is calling it the OnePlus 10 Pro Extreme Edition, it is important to know that in terms of the internals, it is not at all different on the inside. You are still getting the same great hardware as the two other color variants. However, the storage is what is different here. The standard Pro variants would top at 256 gigs of UFS 3.1 storage. However, with OnePlus 10 Pro Extreme Edition, we are looking at 512GB of storage, which is a big deal considering how OnePlus does not go beyond 256 gigs, in the first place.

For those interested, the phone will be available to preorder in China today, with sales starting from 1st March. For those interested, it will cost you CNY5,799 (~$916). That’s about $90 more than the 12GB+256GB variant, which is not a bad deal considering how you are getting double the storage.

Sadly, the company has not shared the details about the international launch, so we will most likely have to wait for that to happen. We also don't know if OnePlus plans on releasing the Extreme Edition in international markets.