Obduction Announced for PlayStation 4/PSVR and HTC Vive


Get lost in a strange world and solve some puzzles. Cyan Worlds' adventure-puzzle game, Obduction, is coming to PlayStation 4 (with full PlayStation VR support) and HTC Vive next year.

Recently the developer of the spiritual successor of Myst patched the game to add HDR, VR and NVIDIA Ansel support onto the PC version. Cyan is hard at work adding hand control and room scale support that will let them interact with objects in the world like doors and levers.

In an interview with Games Beat Rand Miller, CEO of Cyan, stated his excitement about bringing Obduction to Playstation 4 and VR:

Cyan has a history of creating meticulously crafted immersive worlds. VR feels like the ultimate medium for magically transporting players to new places. We’re opening up the Obduction virtual reality experience to more platforms and going all in for the VR future. We have some optimization to do for the PS4, but it is surprisingly capable as a platform.

We’re going all-in on VR and the PlayStation breaks open our availability as a much broader platform for us. I [was] amazed at how good this looks on a console.

I think that’s what other developers should be doing as well. For someone who has been in business as long as I have, I am getting excited. This isn’t dragging me in. This is what gets me up in the morning. It’s an interesting pivot point in technology when things start to change. It’s invigorating to be on the cusp, which is where we have always been.

Obduction is currently available for PC and supports the Oculus Rift for $29.99. Obduction is coming to PlayStation 4/PSVR, and the HTC Vive in 2017. Be sure to check out our glowing review for Obduction on the PC and get a better sense of the adventure that awaits you on this alien world.

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