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Watch NVIDIA’s Computex 2017 Keynote Livestream Here

May 28, 2017

Rumors emerged last week that NVIDIA would be debuting a new enthusiast Volta Titan graphics card at computex this week after photos of the alleged new card leaked out.  The company officially announced today via twitter that it’s going to be holding a keynote headlined by President & CEO Jensen Huang at 8:30 PM PST 29th of May.

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NVIDIA’s Mysterious Volta Titan Enthusiast Graphics Card

The photograph above was allegedly leaked by an NVIDIA intern last week. It shows a black graphics card with gold accents and “TITAN” engraved on the side. The card has 8+6pin PCIE power connectors and  notably features an NVLNK interface, something unusual for a TItan graphics card and is only available on NVIDIA’s professional Tesla and Quadro accelerators.

The photographed “TITAN” card has the same aesthetic look and color scheme of NVIDIA’s recently announced Volta based Tesla accelerators. This has led many to believe that this card will likely join NVIDIA’s new roster of Volta products as a workstation and/or enthusiast gaming card. According to the rumors surrounding this mysterious TITAN card NVIDIA is expected to introduce it at computex.

NVIDIA’s graphics card fitted with NVLINK interfaces have so far all featured HBM2 rather than GDDR memory. This in addition to the fact that GDDR6, which is set to power gaming oriented Volta GeForce graphics cards, isn’t currently available and won’t be until next year indicates that this card features HBM2. Whether this card will in fact make its debut tomorrow or not remains to be seen, we’ll know soon enough. In the mean time take these rumors with a grain of salt.
Tesla Product Tesla K40 Tesla M40 Tesla P100 Tesla V100
GPU GK110 (Kepler) GM200 (Maxwell) GP100 (Pascal) GV100 (Volta)
SMs 15 24 56 80
TPCs 15 24 28 40
FP32 Cores / SM 192 128 64 64
FP32 Cores / GPU 2880 3072 3584 5120
FP64 Cores / SM 64 4 32 32
FP64 Cores / GPU 960 96 1792 2560
Tensor Cores / SM NA NA NA 8
Tensor Cores / GPU NA NA NA 640
GPU Boost Clock 810/875 MHz 1114 MHz 1480 MHz 1455 MHz
Peak FP32 TFLOP/s* 5.04 6.8 10.6 15
Peak FP64 TFLOP/s* 1.68 2.1 5.3 7.5
Peak Tensor Core TFLOP/s* NA NA NA 120
Texture Units 240 192 224 320
Memory Interface 384-bit GDDR5 384-bit GDDR5 4096-bit HBM2 4096-bit HBM2
Memory Size Up to 12 GB Up to 24 GB 16 GB 16 GB
L2 Cache Size 1536 KB 3072 KB 4096 KB 6144 KB
Shared Memory Size / SM 16 KB/32 KB/48 KB 96 KB 64 KB Configurable up to 96 KB
Register File Size / SM 256 KB 256 KB 256 KB 256KB
Register File Size / GPU 3840 KB 6144 KB 14336 KB 20480 KB
TDP 235 Watts 250 Watts 300 Watts 300 Watts
Transistors 7.1 billion 8 billion 15.3 billion 21.1 billion
GPU Die Size 551 mm² 601 mm² 610 mm² 815 mm²
Manufacturing Process 28 nm 28 nm 16 nm FinFET+ 12 nm FFN