NVIDIA Releases CUDA 11.8, Enabling Support For Ada Lovelace & Hopper GPUs

Jason R. Wilson
NVIDIA Releases CUDA 11.8, Enabling Support For Ada Lovelace & Hopper GPUs 1

NVIDIA has released CUDA 11.8, enabling support for the next-gen Hopper and Ada Lovelace GPUs. The parallel computing platform and programming model from NVIDIA also allow for CUDA to be prepared and compatible with Jetson systems.

NVIDIA Hopper and Ada Lovelace GPUs now enabled for CUDA 11.8 release

For open-source platforms, NVIDIA CUDA 11.8 will begin offering support for Rocky Linux 9 and Kylin OS Linux distributions while introducing the NVIDIA R520 GPU driver release. It is anticipated that NVIDIA will make the 520 series Linux driver available soon, but not simultaneously with the CUDA Lovelace GPU support and other features.

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Users, especially developers, will remember that NVIDIA's CUDA increases the efficiency of applications by accessing the accelerators in graphics processing units from the green team.

 Jetson is one of the leading autonomous machines and embedded applications platforms. Jetson includes modules, SFF, HPC, the  JetPack SDK for accelerating software, and an ecosystem lush with sensors, SDKs, services, and products to increase development. Jetson is compatible with AI software and cloud-native workflows across numerous NVIDIA platforms. Jetson also provides efficiency performance consumers demand to assist in manufacturing application-defined autonomous devices.

The NVIDIA R520 GPU, codenamed "Fudo," was created by ATI Technologies and constructed by semiconductor giant TSMC. It is the first graphics processing unit manufactured using 90 nm photolithography.

Rocky Linux received most of its basis from the CentOS Linux operating system. The Rocky Linux name derives from early CentOS co-founder Rocky McGaugh as a nod to their involvement by founder Gregory Kurtzer. Initially released in June of 2021 under the codename "Green Obsidian," Rocky Linux has been one of the top repositories available on GitHub.

Users interested in more in-depth information and the ability to download NVIDIA CUDA 11.8 can visit the developer site. Expect more updates on CUDA 11.8 in the coming months.

News Sources: NVIDIA, Phoronix

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