Full ‘Nvidia Pascal’ PCI Device ID List Published By AIDA64 – GP102 To Power GTX 1080 TI / Next TITAN Graphics Card

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May 25, 2016

After just a day that I first talked about the flagship GP102 Pascal core in my editorial, a post by AIDA64 listing the entire Pascal family confirms not only the existence of aforementioned GPU, but also confirms the roadmap that we had mentioned before involving the GP106 followed by the GP107/GP108. The PCI Device IDs will also help us track down results in benchmarking aggregators when the new Pascal GPUs enter the testing phase. This is the first solid confirmation that we have got from external sources and pretty much seals the deal as far as the GP102 is concerned.

AIDA64 leaks Pascal PCI Device ID List – Pascal GP102, GP106, GP107 and GP108 Confirmed

The complete list of the Pascal Family is as follows:

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Nvidia Pascal GP100 PCI Device IDs (Tesla P100)

The first batch of PCI Device IDs is for the GP100 die divided into two categories, A and B variants. Since the device ID family is different (GP100-A starting with 15 and GP100-B starting with 17) its a safe assumption that we are looking at two different chip configurations here (one probably being a cut-down version of the GP100). We have already seen this chip used in the Tesla P100 and could make an appearance in Quadro series of GPUs.

15F0 Graphics Device (GP100GL-A)
15F1 Graphics Device (GP100GL-A)
15F8 Graphics Device (GP100GL-A)
15F9 Graphics Device (GP100GL-A)
15FA Graphics Device (GP100GL-A)
15FB Graphics Device (GP100GL-A)
15FC Graphics Device (GP100GL-A)
15FD Graphics Device (GP100GL-A)
15FE Graphics Device (GP100GL-A)

1725 Graphics Device (GP100-B)
172E Graphics Device (GP100-B)
172F Graphics Device (GP100-B)
1731 Graphics Device (GP100GL-B)
1738 Graphics Device (GP100GL-B)
1739 Graphics Device (GP100GL-B)
173A Graphics Device (GP100GL-B)
173B Graphics Device (GP100GL-B)
173C Graphics Device (GP100GL-B)
173D Graphics Device (GP100GL-B)

Nvidia GP102 PCI Device IDs (GTX 1080 Ti / Next TITAN)

The second batch of chips is for the famed GP102 core. This is the very same core that will be powering the next GTX 1080 Ti and the next TITAN series of graphics cards from Nvidia. We expect the die to be around 472mm in size and will probably have around 3840 cores. You can read up more on the GP102 and GTX 1080 Ti editorial over here. The device IDs are divided into two variants but are part of the same family, so it is possible that this particular pascal GPU only has one chip configuration.

1B00 Graphics Device (GP102-A)
1B01 Graphics Device (GP102-A)
1B30 Graphics Device (GP102GL-A)
1B38 Graphics Device (GP102GL-A)
1B3E Graphics Device (GP102GL-A)
1B40 Graphics Device (GP102-B)
1B41 Graphics Device (GP102-B)
1B6E Graphics Device (GP102-B)
1B6F Graphics Device (GP102-B)
1B70 Graphics Device (GP102GL-B)
1B78 Graphics Device (GP102GL-B)

Nvidia GP104 PCI Device IDs (GTX 1080 / GTX 1070)

Up next we have the already revealed GP104 core which powers the GTX 1080 and the GTX 1070. This is one of the most promising GPUs from Nvidia and features 2560 CUDA cores and a huge amount of overclocking headroom. The PCI Device IDs showed here once again list two variants of the chip (part of the same family). The GP104 core is the mainstream gaming GPU although we will probably see it used in the mobility side of things and Quadro variants.

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1B80 GeForce GTX 1080 (GP104-A)
1B81 Graphics Device (GP104-A)
1B82 Graphics Device (GP104-A)
1B83 Graphics Device (GP104-A)
1BB0 Graphics Device (GP104GL-A)
1BB1 Graphics Device (GP104GL-A)
1BB4 Graphics Device (GP104GL-A)
1BC0 Graphics Device (GP104-B)
1BC1 Graphics Device (GP104-B)
1BC2 Graphics Device (GP104-B)
1BC3 Graphics Device (GP104-B)
1BF0 Graphics Device (GP104GL-B)
1BF1 Graphics Device (GP104GL-B)
1BF4 Graphics Device (GP104GL-B)
1BF5 Graphics Device (GP104GL-B)

Nvidia GP106 PCI Device IDs (GTX 1060)

We learned about the GP106 powered GTX 1060 some time ago and according to the rumor mill, the card will be launching in the fall.. The die size appears to be around 200mm² and if the GPU has two Global Processing Clusters then we can expect around 1280 CUDA cores (256 CUDA Cores per Streaming Multi Processor and 5 SMPs per GPC). The Nvidia GTX 1060 should work only on power provided by the PCIe by design but will probably have an optional 6 pin connector added by AIBs to ensure overclocking headroom. Even though the GP106 is near the bottom of the barrel of the Pascal lineup, depending on the clocks, it could still pack a lot of punch thanks to the use of 16nm FinFETs. The time has come when entry level actually means entry level and not a downright horrible gaming experience.

1C00 Graphics Device (GP106-A)
1C01 Graphics Device (GP106-A)
1C02 Graphics Device (GP106-A)
1C03 Graphics Device (GP106-A)
1C30 Graphics Device (GP106GL-A)

1C41 Graphics Device (GP106-B)
1C42 Graphics Device (GP106-B)
1C43 Graphics Device (GP106-B)
1C70 Graphics Device (GP106GL-B)

Nvidia GP107 and GP108 PCI Device IDs (GTX 1050)

Near the bottom of the barrel we have the GP107 and GP108 dies. The GP107 will be powering the GTX 1050 series of GPUs and several mobility variants. This is the low budget gaming spectrum of Nvidia GPUs and will probably be focused on OEM sales. The GP108 is the GPU that will only be useful (practically speaking) for HTPC purposes and not any amount of serious gaming.

1C80 Graphics Device (GP107-A)
1C81 Graphics Device (GP107-A)
1C82 Graphics Device (GP107-A)
1CA7 Graphics Device (GP107GL-A)
1CA8 Graphics Device (GP107GL-A)
1CAA Graphics Device (GP107GL-A)
1CC2 Graphics Device (GP107-B)

1D01 Graphics Device (GP108-A)