NVIDIA To Offer GameStream Co-Op, Much Like PS4’s SharePlay

NVIDIA is about to offer a new and exciting service built within its Geforce Experience software. Next month, there will be a beta for what NVIDIA calls Share Early Access.

GameStream is being expanded to allow similar features to PlayStation 4's SharePlay. Users may now let their friends watch their games, take control of their games and even play together in co-op mode regardless of whether the other friend owns that specific game or not.

NVIDIA is using the same GameStream technology that's already being used in order to stream games from the PC to NVIDIA's Shield device, for example. However, in this case requirements are higher - a limit of 720P@60FPS has been set for this early phase, with 7 mbps of download/upload speed required; in terms of hardware, you'll need at least a GTX 650 on the host PC and only Google Chrome will be supported via a plugin.

These features can only be used with GameStream compatible games, but this shouldn't be a major issue as the current list counts hundreds of such titles.

That's not everything, though. There will be also an overhaul of the ShadowPlay UI, with the new overlay popping up either in game or in Windows by hitting Alt+Z.

This UI now sports an integrated video gallery that lets you upload footage directly to YouTube; you can also edit start and end positions of the video at your leisure.

Even Twitch broadcasting is going to be easier with the improved ShadowPlay, thanks to the dedicated overlay.

Here's a video demonstration of the new features due in September's Geforce Experience beta release. Stay tuned and we'll make sure to let you know once it goes live.

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