NVIDIA & Microsoft Team Up To Give Away Free Copies of Gears of War 4 If You Buy GTX1080/1070


NVIDIA & Microsoft have teamed up to provide a Geforce GTX Gears of War 4 bundle for those who are buying a GTX 1080 or GTX 1070 card, either stand-alone or in a PC/laptop.

Essentially, you'll get a free code for the game from today through October 30, though there's a chance that the retailer will honor the purchase even if you purchased a card a few days ago - there are already reports about Newegg doing it, for instance. You'll have to make sure that you're purchasing from a retailer that is participating in this initiative, of course.

It seems like Microsoft is going to push Gears of War 4 heavily on the PC side. Earlier today, The Coalition's Technical Director Mike Raynor said that DirectX 12, Microsoft's new low-level API, helped a lot in getting additional performance on PC. He also mentioned that the game has been future-proofed with an "Insane" graphics setting that's been made to scale with new hardware and SLI/CrossFire MultiGPU systems. It seems that we're far from the woes of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, though of course we'll have to test the game ourselves to confirm it.

You can find Microsoft's recommended NVIDIA GPUs in the official image below; the full system requirements can be found here. The PC version will also have LAN support and campaign split-screen coop.

Gears of War 4 just got a launch trailer (embedded below once again in case you missed it). It's due to launch on October 11th for both Xbox One and Windows 10, though you can get it four days earlier by pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition.

The game is now "gold", with Microsoft's CEO Natya Sadella joining the celebrations at the Microsoft Canada Excellence Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia.

For the occasion, The Coalition's Studio Head Rod Fergusson (who confirmed just yesterday that competitive multiplayer cross-play is available for private matches) released a statement:

This has been a real homecoming for me. Coming back to Xbox to lead a studio of talented people from around the world, all focused on Gears of War, and doing so in my home country of Canada in one of the best cities in the world for technology and entertainment has been a dream come true.

Xbox division Head Phil Spencer added:

Ten years ago, Gears of War was the killer app that brought millions into the Xbox family. It’s combination of innovative technology, unique gameplay, and trademark storytelling changed the game forever.

With Gears of War 4, I’m very proud of what the team at The Coalition has achieved. Not only is it the most technically ambitious Gears game yet – with split-screen play on both Xbox and Windows 10, Xbox Play Anywhere support, Cross Play across all co-op modes, and available 4K graphics – it’s a return to the grounded, tense and brutal tone that made so many fall in love with this universe, story and characters for the first time.