NVIDIA To Launch Four GK106 SKUs Including Workstation Board

A leaked document of NVIDIA shows that the company is planning a total of four SKUs based on the GK106 die which would be launched within the upcoming months. These include the GTX 660, GTX 655/GTX 660SE, GTX 650 TI and a Workstation Quadro card.

The exact codenames of these cards are listed below:

  • GTX 660 - GK106-400
  • GTX 655/GTX 660SE - GK106-250
  • GTX 650 Ti - GK106-200
  • Quadro Board - GK106-875

GeForce GTX 660:

The GTX 660 would be the first GK106 based GPU featuring 960 cores, 80TMUs, 24ROPs, 2GB GDDR5 (192-bit) memory and clocks ranging from 980MHz Core, 1033MHz Boost and 6008MHz memory. The TDP would be set at 140W and would be supplied power through a single 6 Pin connector. Display outputs include Stacked DVI, HDMI, Display port. Launch occurs on 13th September and official MSRP would be set at $229.

The Die measures 221mm.

GeForce GTX 655/GTS 660:

The second card to launch would be based off the GK106-250 core and the exact model name and specifications are unknown. Some sources suggest that a single SMX unit would be disabled from the core which would result in a core count of 768 Cudas however clocks remain undetermined, Memory would be retained at the reference 2GB GDDR5 (192-bit) running at 6GHz effective. Pricing would be set around the $200 mark.

GeForce GTX 650Ti: 

The GTX 650 Ti would be featuring the GK106-200 core with 2SMX units disabled packing 576 Cuda Cores and a trimmed down memory interface of 128-bit. The card would use 2GB of memory and would be powered through a single 6-Pin connector. Expect pricing to be in the $180 range. Launch is said to be sometime in late October 2012.

The Die measures 118mm.

GK106 Quadro Workstation:

The Final GK106 board would not be a GeForce part but rather a Workstation one powering a Quadro card for professional usage. The exact model powering this card is GK106-875 and display outputs included are a DVI and Two Display ports. Other specifications aren't yet known.

So this is the whole lineup we would be looking at from NVIDIA utilizing its latest GK106 core architecture. For more details on GK106, head over to the link here.

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