NVIDIA Kepler GK104 GPU Shot Leaked, New GeForce Logo also Unveiled


NVIDIA's GK104 GPU shot has been leaked along with the new GeForce GTX Logo. The shot shows that the GPU would be called GeForce GTX670Ti which we were hearing alot about in early rumors. When compared to the Leaked PCB shots, The GeForce card looks like a 100% perfect match from the rear exhaust + display ports and also the location of the Stacked 6 Pin Connectors.

Does this means that there are two GK104 GPU's which NVIDIA plans to launch in March? Or the GeForce GTX680 name could be reserved for the GK110 based part. You can also check out the new GeForce logo which was exposed by VR-Zone (Chinese):

If you compare it to the logo on the GeForce GK104 card, Its a perfect match - the only difference being the green color. Also note that the card features a Blower Fan design and would probably use the Vapor Chamber cooling. Specifications of the card include 1536 Stream processors, 128TMU’s, 32ROP’s , A 2GB GDDR5 (256-bit) Memory, Around 300W TDP powered through 2x 6 Pin or 1x 6 + 1x 8 Pin connector while display outputs include 2 DVI, HDMI and a Full length Display port. Core clock would be set at 705Mhz and Processor clock at 1411Mhz and 3004Mhz for the Memory.

There are reports that the card would later be available in a 4GB variant, For now the card is expected to launch on 12th or 23rd March 2012.

A Dynamic Overclocking mode known as the "Speed Boost" would be included in the card (Detailed here). Other details on the GK104 GPU can be found below:

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