NVIDIA Boasts 200M GeForce Gamers, Announces HDR Support for Destiny 2 Coming To PC First

Aug 21, 2017

NVIDIA is currently hosting a press event at Gamescom 2017 where they've revealed several new tidbits of information. The most exciting one for gamers is that Destiny 2, which NVIDIA is helping port to PC, will offer support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays before it's available on consoles.

This is bound to make the graphics gap between Destiny 2 on PC and on PlayStation 4/Xbox One even bigger; we already knew the game will run up to 4K, have uncapped frame rate, FOV slider, 21:9 support et cetera. They also confirmed SLI support, which is good news for those using multi-GPU configurations. Destiny 2's PC beta is due in the next weekend and NVIDIA already revealed they'll have an optimized driver ready.

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NVIDIA also shared some data. They're boasting 200 million GeForce gamers, with revenue doubled in the last five years; 700 million video views and 200 million ShadowPlay shares.

Their one-stop software GeForce Experience is now being used on 90 million PCs, while support for Ansel is now available in 20 games and will be in Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, too. Those are some impressive numbers for NVIDIA, which is sealing its leadership position in the PC GPU market.

Credits to Piers Harding-Rolls from IHS who shared the info via Twitter

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