Nvidia Geforce GTX 880 to be Unvieled in Mid September – Price and VRAM Revealed

It would appear that the rumors about Gamescom had the general gist correct because the GTX 880 is set for a paper launch in mid-september in an Nvidia hosted event. The information comes from the reliable Videocardz.com and fits in with the overall scheme of things that we have been hearing about. The actual launch and the time when you can get your hands on the GTX 880 is Late September or Early October, approximately the same time frame which we revealed to you one week back.Maxwell-GTX-880-

Nvidia Geforce GTX 880 Paper Launching in Mid September - Actual Launch by Early October

Lets start with the facts first. You would recall that we originally gave you an Oct/Nov timeframe for the GTX 880, something we later narrowed down to Early October. This timeframe has now been confirmed by VCZ's mole as well. We also told you that the GTX 870 will be landing in Early October as well with the GTX 860 following in Late October. Though VCZ's mole failed to mention this, it is none the less true. The rest of the things mentioned have already been revealed by us before, so I wont go into much detail there. It would appear that initially the GTX 880 is going to ship with just 4GB of GDDR5 memory with the 8GB configurations shipping later (and costing more ofcourse).

While VCZ speculates at a price of $450-$400, unless Nvidia has suddenly developed a very charitable heart, we would speculate at a price of around $499. Nvidia has followed this tactic since the G92 for flagship cards. Unless ofcourse, there is something drastically different this time. Which, could be the fact that the GTX 880, the apparent flagship, is only a placeholder for the real flagship to come. VC also states that the GTX 880 is set to replace the GTX 770 (this does not mean that the GTX 880 is equivalent in power to the 770  contrary to popular belief) so that leaves the GTX 780 and GTX 780 Ti to be replaced by the GM200. In that case a cheap GTX 880 would make sense. However, since we don't have any authenticated leaks in the performance department we will leave that till the time comes.

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