Nvidia Getting Ready for a Geforce “Grand Finale” on Gamescom 2014 – GTX 880 G1 Gaming Series Revealed

It looks like Nvidia is gearing up for something on Gamescom 2014, the  last day to be precise. The event is under the GTX Geforce banner and is labeled as "We show you how GeForce GTX graphics cards and NVIDIA technologies bring PC gaming to a new dimension.". Needless to say Green is getting ready for something big, but the real question is, just how much of that is PR buff.

gamescom gtx geforce gtx 880Nvidia's Gamescom Header Image (Translated to English by Us)

Nvidia GTX Geforce 'Grand Finale' at Gamescom 2014 - Gigabyte GTX 880 Gaming G1 Revealed

Now Gamescom 2014 includes quite a lot of Geforce GTX events with different partners all with the same tag as above, so I am not really sure what to make of the 'Grand Finale'. In all probability its nothing of importance, but there is chance that we will learn something about the upcoming GTX 880. I very much doubt its the actual reveal since that is queued for mid September, according to latest reports, but is this the point when Nvidia will reveal the existence of said reveal (semantics, wow)? If I were to put it into probabilities I would say there is a 60% chance its random PR stuff and 40% chance of information pertaining to the GTX 880.

gtx geforce grand finale gamescomNow my first reaction was: this is probably something related to Nvidia's Shield but upon closer inspection that doesn't seem to be the case. Notice the excerpt above from the full schedule over at Nvidia's page. This shows the description that was on all preceding GTX Geforce events. The Nvidia Shield Tablet events have a different description and this 'Grand Finale', whatever it is has something to do with GTX Geforce ie. Graphic Cards. Then there is the fact that Nvidia has been teasing about this event on their face book pages for a very long time, where very long is defined as 17 July last month.

Gigabyte Launching GTX 880 G1 Series in Early October

Remember when we told you, before anybody else I might add, that you will get your hands on the new graphic cards around Early October? Well, turns out the new Gigabyte Maxwell series, dubbed the "GTX 880 G1 Gaming" is going to be launching in that approximate time frame. In an interview by EXPReview.com we now know the naming scheme of the AIB Gigabyte and the fact these new cards will feature the same cooling solution used by ASUS Strix. Namely, almost no sound under mediocore load. Lastly, If Nvidia is preparing a separate event reveal for the Geforce GTX 880 Maxwell GPU then this is the place to tell us about it and maybe, just maybe throw us a few tidbits on the upcoming flagship.

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