NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660Ti Performance Leaked in 3DMark 11, Obliterates the HD 7950


NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce GTX 660Ti's performance has been unveiled in 3DMark 11 which shows that the card of its price range can dominate on counterparts such as the HD 7950.

The leak comes from TweakTown who have once again broken their NDA (as usual) with NVIDIA revealing the performance stats of GTX 660Ti in 3DMark 11.

Image Courtesy of TweakTown!

The 2GB GTX 660Ti leads over the HD 7950 with a score of 2677 in Extreme mode and 8589 in Performance mode and almost closing in with the faster HD 7970. The card scores the same amount we predicted a few weeks ago in extreme mode.

Extreme Mode:

  • GTX 660Ti - X2677
  • GTX 670 - X2986
  • HD 7950 - X2296
  • HD 7970  - X2764
Performance Mode:
  • GTX 660Ti - P8589
  • GTX 670 - P9006
  • HD 7950 - P7008
  • HD 7970  - P8240

What more there is to see is that the card is only around 5-10% slower than the GTX 670 which may hurt some sales of the 670 itself since users would prefer spending a 100 bucks less on an equally better product while non-reference variants would feature higher performance. You can check out more on the 660Ti here, it officially launches on 16th August for $299.