Nvidia Geforce GT 430 to be revealed soon.


It has been revealed that Nvidia is currently working on a new card which it will call the Geforce GT 430. Other than that it also has been said that another card is coming out based on the GF 106 Architecture, The GT 450.

No specs have been announced for the GT 450 but for the GT 430, It will have a clock speed of 700Mhz while the memory will be clocked at 900Mhz on a 128-Bit wide memory interface. No information on the shader clock yet.

The card will feature PCI-e x16 2.0 compatibility and the whole card will be of 29x29mm with 973 PFCBGA balls. It hasn't been said that if the card is a Sample or a Retail Variant but as far as the internal device name goes, its 0x0DE1. The card will be priced around 100-150$ making it compete against the Rival ATI's HD 5600 Series.

Let's hope Nvidia make's the new architecture just as good as its recently released GF104 based GTX 460 GPU. Only then it will have a slight edge over its competitors.