NVIDIA Dual Chip GeForce GTX 690 GPU Exposed

Hassan Mujtaba

An alleged photo of NVIDIA's Upcoming Dual chip flagship GPU - GeForce GTX 690 has been exposed. The photo is in low quality and could probably be fake, Nevertheless it looks quite interesting, Details below:

The card is definitely based on two GK104 chips (the same chip was used on the GeForce GTX 680) holding 3072 Cuda Cores (1536 from each core), 256 TMUs, 64 ROPs. It holds 4 Memory chips on either sides of the PCB which equals a memory interface of 256-bit for each core. This means we would see a 4GB VRam on the board.

It is powered by two Eight Pin connector which suggests that the TDP would be somewhere around 300W. Each core has its own 5 Phase VRM.

The card has a single SLI gold finger which means two of the same GPU's can be coupled together. The GPU is expected to launch in May 2012. Price is gonna be set around $799 US.

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