NVIDIA DLAA (Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing) to Debut in Elder Scrolls Online, Delivering Incredible AA Quality

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NVIDIA DLAA will be the visual fidelity option to NVIDIA DLSS.

No, we haven't mistyped Deep Learning Super Sampling; NVIDIA DLAA is a brand new technology that will debut in Zenimax Online's MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online.

The announcement came a few hours ago, during the developer's latest ESO Live stream where Zenimax detailed the upcoming Deadlands zone DLC and the base Update 32. With this new patch, Elder Scrolls Online will receive DLSS support, which will be useful for the lower end RTX graphics cards to get better performance; however, the high-end GeForce RTX GPUs have already run Elder Scrolls Online at a very high frame rate since the latest optimization patch, and they'll now be able to use NVIDIA DLAA instead. This is essentially DLSS minus the upscaling part, which means it'll be focused entirely on quality instead of performance.

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Creative Director Rich Lambert said:

While we were working on adding NVIDIA DLSS, we also worked with them on some new tech that we're going to be the first game that's ever done this before. This is debuting their new tech, which is called NVIDIA DLAA. It's the same kind of concept, you won't get a performance boost out of this but what you get is absolutely incredible anti-aliasing. It's unbelievable, it's crazy how good it is.

Alex Tardif, Zenimax Online's Lead Graphics Engineer (whom we recently interviewed), explained on Twitter:

This sounds like it would be a great option for any game that already runs at a high frame rate. Unfortunately, we didn't get any preview for NVIDIA DLAA from the ESO Live stream, but the feature should be available soon on Elder Scrolls Online's Public Test Server. We'll certainly check it out as soon as possible and capture some footage.

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Beyond this exciting announcement, Zenimax also announced a series of quality-of-life features coming to the game with Update 32, chiefly the Armory which is going to allow players to easily swap character build loadouts, including skills, attributes, equipment, and Champion Points.

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