NVIDIA CMP 100HX Is Volta GV100 GPU Repurposed For The Crypto Mining Segment


NVIDIA seems to be repurposing its data center-specific GV100 Volta GPUs for the crypto mining segment in the form of CMP 100HX. NVIDIA's 12nm Volta chip was the first to utilize Tensor Cores, specially developed cores with special deep learning implementation over standard CUDA cores.

NVIDIA to further extend its hand into the crypto mining processor marketplace with the CMP 100HX utilizing the Volta GV100 GPU

NVIDIA is revealing the company's compute accelerator for crypto mining businesses. The company's new graphics card supposedly offers an identical PCB layout as the Titan V. The Titan V is the only model for consumers that the company has unleashed with the Volta GV100 GPU presenting outputs for the display. The CMP 100HX appears to lack display outputs but delivers 2x8-pin power connectivity. The photos first appeared on PC_Shopping forums via Twitter leaker @KOMACHI_ENSAKA.

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Source: @KOMACHI_ENSAKA on Twitter

VideoCardz notes that the original PC_Shopping thread does not display a card picture but states that the comparisons to the CMP 100HX appear highly similar. NVIDIA's new card offers a passive design, suggesting it is not to be used in a PC setup but preferably a server setting or, in this case, in a group of graphics cards for crypto mining designs. The crypto mining card additionally offers the NV-Link connector, which seems out of place due to having no proper use in digital mining currency.

Source: GamersNexus via VideoCardz

The CMP 100HX is declared to offer close to 81 MH/s and only use 250W of power consumption, sharing a similar use of power as the Titan V. The unknown equation of the card is if it will share similar configurations of memory as the Titan has, which offers 12GB HBM2 memory. NVIDIA is known to reduce the size of remembrance for the company's CMP line.

Source: VideoCardz

During the NVIDIA quarterly earnings call for 2021, the company disclosed that the CMP industry has declined over most of 2021, starting during the second quarter.

The concept of NVIDIA repurposing old graphics cards for crypto mining purposes seems entirely unexpected. It is currently unknown when NVIDIA intends to sell the CMP 100HX. As of right now, these high-end CMP 100HX and CMP 170HX are listed by Viperatech for £1,321.29  and £3,657.6, respectively. The outlet is the first to offer NVIDIA & AMD mining cards on their retail outlet.

ModelGPUBoardMemoryPower RatingEthereum Hash RateAvailability
CMP 30HXTU116-100 PG161 SKU 90 6GB GDDR6125W26 MH/sMarch 2021
CMP 40HXTU106-100 PG161 SKU 100 8GB GDDR6185W36 MH/sMarch 2021
CMP 50HXTU102-100 PG150 SKU 100 10GB GDDR6250W45 MH/sQ2 Of 2021
CMP 90HXGA102-100
PG132 SKU 100
10GB GDDR6X320W86 MH/sMay 2021
CMP 100HXGV100-***TBATBA250W81 MH/sTBA
CMP 170HXGA100-100P1001 SKU ***8 GB HBM2e250W164 MH/sQ3 2021

Source: PC_Shopping via @KOMACHI_ENSAKA