NVIDIA CEO Is Convinced We’ll Soon Have Multiple Metaverses Based on the Biggest Gaming IPs

Alessio Palumbo
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As gaming fidelity and immersion increase on a yearly basis, the advent of metaverses is getting more and more possible. For the uninitiated, the concept of the metaverse was first coined by Neal Stevenson in his seminal Sci-Fi novel Snow Crash (1992); it's meant to be a collective and shared persistent virtual space, effectively becoming its own virtual universe as well as the Virtual Reality-based successor of the Internet.

We've had something akin to metaverses with the traditional MMORPGs, not to mention Linden Lab's Second Life and MindArk's Entropia Universe. However, according to NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang, we might soon see multiple metaverses based on the biggest gaming IPs, from Minecraft to Fortnite, from The Witcher to Call of Duty. Here's what he told GamesBeat in a new interview:

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The answer is absolutely yes. I think that it’s time, and it won’t be one. We’re going to have a whole bunch of metaverses. Each one is going to be based on the stories you like. There will be some based on Minecraft, Fortnite, Battlefield, or based on Call of Duty. There are all kinds of styles and personalities. You’ll see one based on The Witcher, one based on Warcraft, and all kinds of genres. There will be hundreds of metaverses. That’s the exciting part of it.

Beyond metaverses, Jensen Huang also reiterated on his recent comment about gaming gaining further traction from the growing work-from-home model.

Well, the world of entertainment and leisure is gigantic. When you combine it with all of the aspects of entertainment and leisure, going to movies or traveling or going to restaurants, staying in a hotel, skiing, it’s huge. All of the great areas of leisure are all going to be impacted, and there will be change. People will stay at home and more people will be hanging out on metaverses and I think that at-home entertainment will unquestionably be much, much larger in the future and be a larger percentage of the global entertainment and leisure budget. And so I think that’s probably a foregone conclusion at this point. That’s my feeling.

Do you agree with these trend predictions?

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